B.What is Toxin? Where is it applied?

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B.What is Toxin? Where is it applied?

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B.Toxin is a drug used for many purposes in the body. We can describe it as the miracle of the last quarter of the century, with rapidly increasing applications from the 1980s to the present. While B.TOXIN is a toxin that is very fearful to even encounter, it is a real miracle that it can be trapped in a bottle and used in many areas for the benefit of humanity. As a doctor, these developments gave me hope that other toxins could be used to our advantage.

B. It does NOT cause swelling or bruising after toxin application, and you can return to your workplace and work. After B.Toxin application, you will continue to make facial expressions such as raising your eyebrows and squinting your eyes very easily.


*Forehead lines,
*Lines between the eyebrows,
*Crow’s feet,
* Sagging chin,
*In facial paralysis,
*The lines on the nose and the groove under the nose extending to the chin, formed by laughing,
* Dropping at the tip of the nose,
*It is applied for migraine headaches.


*For sweating, such as palms, armpits and soles of the feet…
*It is applied in muscle atrophy (muscle contraction caused by various reasons).

B.Toxin is also called B.Toxin in its original production form, but there are 3 types. B.Toxin-cosmetic is used.

B. After the toxin application, the full effect occurs on the 13th day. The patient comes for a check-up on the 13th day. If a minor revision is required, it is done. For example, forehead lines have disappeared, but there may be a 1 mm area under the eyes. The injection is repeated here and the result is perfect because it is controlled. B.Toxin can be made under all conditions, in no way ALLERGY etc. I haven’t seen it, but the ethical thing is for a doctor to do it in a clinic.

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