Rib Cartilage Reconstruction for Nasal Reconstruction

About the Operation

Rib Cartilage Reconstruction for Nasal Reconstruction

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Rhinoplasty with ribs

It is performed in cases where the nasal bone and cartilage tissue is insufficient due to various reasons.
Deformities due to trauma such as accidents, congenital dents, and skin cancers are also needed.
It is most commonly performed in revision nose surgeries. In revision rhinoplasty surgeries, when there is not enough cartilage tissue in the patient’s nose, we remove it from the ribs to correct the collapses caused by excessive removal of bone and cartilage tissue from the back of the nose.

As a result of the nose being reduced too much in the previous surgery, collapses occur on the nasal dorsum and even lead to collapses at the tip of the nose over time. At the same time, inability to breathe because the airways are narrowed; Over time, the growth of the structures called adenoids causes the vicious circle that I explained under the heading of not being able to breathe.
In women, the scar can be created by entering from the line under the breast, and in men, by removing it from the lowest rib. The part of the bony rib that connects to the anterior chest wall is a solid cartilage. After taking it, it is shaped with a scalpel and used on the back of the nose and even on the tip if necessary.

Revision nose surgeries shape the costal cartilage, which requires a separate experience, and also make the inside of the nose breathable; Achieving aesthetics in external appearance as well as permanent shape can be achieved with experience.

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