Progressive Peels with Device

About the Operation

Progressive Peels with Device

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Medical skin care is an application that takes 1.5-2 hours. Following the skin analysis, the care to be done is determined.

The skin is cleaned with a suitable cleanser and dead layers are removed with the peeling method. Then, steam is applied to the skin, pores are opened, and blackheads and oil patches are cleaned from the skin. In the next stage, disinfection is performed with a high frequency device and skin sensitivity is eliminated.
After applying tonic, the person is relaxed by a facial massage. Different serums and masks can be applied to the face depending on the skin’s needs. At the end of the care, toning and moisturizing is performed and medical skin care is completed. Medical skin care should be done once a month to protect the skin against external factors and wear and tear over the years.


• Determination of skin type and needs
• Cleaning; skin oil, make-up residues, etc.
• Peeling; removal of dead skin from the skin
• Steam aromatherapy, blood circulation activation, pores opening, relaxation, softening
• Ozone vapor-ozone therapy; disinfection, oil secretion regulator
• Removal of blackheads, oil buttons
• High frequency; disinfection
• Mask; face and eye mask according to the skin’s needs, nourishment, moisture, sensitivity

Cabin maintenance according to your needs; It is applied for lifting (tightening), acne, blemishes, sensitive skin, caviar and phytohormones, as determined by your doctor.

• Vacuum therapy; lymph drainage
• Iontophoresis; Application of serum, ampoule, according to the skin’s needs
• Myolift; Special care for mature skin
• Final massage; with a suitable cream


• Dead cells, make-up residues, dirt and oil on the skin surface are cleaned and the cells are renewed.
• The skin regains its lost moisture.
• Provides better and effective absorption of skin care products.
• The color of the blemishes on the skin surface that obscure the liveliness of the skin is lightened.
• Balances metabolism and increases skin oxygenation.
• Stores moisture through pores.
• It provides tightening and a more youthful appearance by providing a lifting effect.
• It helps live cells to come to the skin surface by removing dead cells from the skin.

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