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Lobule Lacerations

Lobular anomaly may be congenital or acquired. Congenital anomalies involve defects in the portion of the ear where earrings are worn, known as the ‘lobule,’ and may manifest as notches, drooping, or outward turning. Surgical intervention is required for treatment, performed under local anesthesia. After the procedure, the patient can resume normal activities, and sutures are removed 4-5 days later. This condition is quite common.

Acquired defects result from trauma or tears associated with wearing earrings. Additionally, they may cause the lobule to appear longer than normal, leading to an undesirable appearance. This condition can occur at any age, and surgical treatment under local anesthesia is typically recommended. The procedure is usually scar-free.

In these cases, a more solution-oriented approach involves performing ‘Z’ plasty on the front and back regions of the earlobe. Since these ‘Z’ plasties are mutually closed, there is no visible scar, preserving the rounded contour of the earlobe.

Ear Pinning Aesthetics Reconstruction of the Ear Earlobe Aesthetics and Complete Treatment of Earlobe Tears


Ear reconstruction, whether due to congenital reasons or any other cause, involves repairing deficiencies and recreating the ea.

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