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Leg Curvature

Since the legs are visible especially in the summer months, they become even more important. Applications therefore increase in the spring. However, it occurs in people who cannot wear boots or trousers during the winter months due to ankle and leg thickness. There is no seasonal feature in this type of applications. In some people with excessive fat in the upper legs, this may be a problem if their lower knees are relatively weak or thin, as it highlights the curvature in the image. Depending on the current complaint of the person, the thick part is thinned with “Liposuction” and “Fat injection” or “Prosthesis” is placed in the thin parts. Anesthesia can be local or general depending on the procedure and application site.

Leg Curvature refers to the separation on the inner surface of the part below the knee when the leg is joined at the heel and knee level. In some people, this continues to more advanced levels, with no fusion in the knee. Sometimes, even in the disease called “Rachitism” that begins in childhood, this internal curvature may continue until old age.

Leg Curvature correction operation; If the fat injection procedure is to be performed, it can be done with local anesthesia. It is possible to return to daily life immediately after this procedure. If a prosthesis is to be placed, the procedure is performed with sedation-local anesthesia. After both procedures, the legs are wrapped with a dressing called elastic bandage. Patients can easily return to their daily activities.

In cases where liposuction is required in the upper leg and a prosthesis or fat injection is required in the lower leg for problems arising from the whole leg, mobilization is provided by wearing socks on the leg after the operation.

Another relatively common problem is fat accumulation on the “inner knee” surface, which can be treated with liposuction. Additionally, another common complaint is fat accumulation in the groin area of ​​the upper legs (if there is no excessive sagging), liposuction is often preferred. However, in cases of excessive sagging, they benefit from a lifting operation performed under general anesthesia through incisions made on the inside of the leg or at waist level.

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