Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening with Golden Needle

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Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening with Golden Needle

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Skin Stretch Treatment with Radiofrequency, Skin tear treatment, Surgery scar treatment, Burn scar treatment

Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency is also used for skin cracks, skin renewal, sagging, acne scars and scars. It is also known as golden needle treatment. With the micro needles at the tip, small holes are made in the upper skin layer and the radiofrequency energy given under the skin heats the subcutaneous up to 60 degrees.

These factors activate the repair mechanisms in the skin and provide COLLOGEN synthesis. Skin firmness increases, brightness increases, stretch marks, acne and surgery scars and wrinkles decrease.

When applied to the face and body, there will be a slight redness and it disappears after 10 minutes. We can apply the same head to both the face and body of the same person.

Skin tightening begins in the first weeks, this is an early effect..

In the following weeks, tension and tightness that can be seen and felt by touch occurs. You will be aware of your progress in this healing and tightening process at every stage.

One session is sufficient for fine lines, slight color differences and fine cracks on the skin.

In addition, oil imbalances in the skin are eliminated and shine appears in all areas of the skin.

When these sessions are combined with fractional laser in 4-6 sessions for advanced skin stretch marks and deep acne scars, the skin tightening and rejuvenation in each session will be felt even by those around you.

Depending on the area where the procedure is applied, anesthesia is provided with cream, and it lasts approximately 30 minutes for the face and 45-60 minutes for the body.

Although the effectiveness varies depending on the person and their age, there is never a return to the pre-procedure skin…..

The average effect lasts 1-2 years, by continuing the treatment intermittently (repeating after 1.5- 2 years), the effects of aging will pass without harming you with your new skin and you will regress towards youth, making a difference of ten years compared to your peers…

This treatment can be performed on people with skin tears (cracks) after the age of 16-17 and its effect is seen faster; Even fewer sessions are required.

When combined with PRP or SALMON-HYALURONIC ACID or FRACTIONAL LASER, the effect begins immediately; The number of sessions is less sufficient and the effectiveness continues for a longer time.

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