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Breast Lift

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BREAST LIFT is applied to breasts that have lost their upright and full appearance.


Breast Lift operation or mastopexy is the removal of the breast that has lost its fullness as a result of loss of elasticity and loosening of the breast skin, regardless of any reason, but also due to many different reasons such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, structural, gravity, rapid or heavy weight loss. Breast lift is the provision of fullness without removing tissue. “BREAST REDUCTION” is not surgery.

Breast lift is performed on breasts that have lost their upright and full appearance and are not large in size. Breast sagging has various stages and appearances;

*It is only the deterioration of the tissues in the upper part of the breast.

* Breast sagging is small but the tip is downwards and is a unique situation and is called “false sagging”.

*The line under the breast is covered by the breast due to sagging/deflation in the breast.

Breast lift surgery may not be enough to correct the completely deflated breast. In this case, the desired full and perfect result is achieved by adding a “silicone” prosthesis.

As in all other breast operations, the operation technique is determined according to the position of the nipple and the degree of sagging. A plan is made in accordance with the technique and, in accordance with the pre-operative drawing, a scar extending from the nipple and down to the tip is planned, which will lighten after approximately 6 months. The final scar varies from person to person, sometimes it remains LIMITED only around the colored part of the nipple, and this scar disappears over time.

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