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Erogenous points in women

What is the G spot, where is it and is it real? The importance of the G spot in sexuality has become increasingly discussed in the last 10 years.
So, what is the Gräfenberg point, or G-spot in short, which has been talked about lately? In short, the G-spot in women is located on the front of the vagina, halfway between the symphysis pubis and the cervix. It was first described in 1944 by the German scientist gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg. The name G-spot was used by Alice Kahn Nadas in her book “The G-Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality” in 1982. It is named after Ernst Gräfenberg. It is claimed that the G-spot is extremely erogenous and that female orgasm can be very powerfully triggered not only by the clitoris but also by the G-spot. There is a belief that the G-spot must be stimulated for vaginal orgasm.

Where is the G spot? A sensitive genital area surrounding the urethra behind the pubic os. Or, it is an area located on the front wall of the vagina between 10 and 13 o’clock, where contact is possible at the end of the 1/3 of the way after the entrance (approximately 3-4 cm after the entrance to the vagina). More importantly, the G spot is considered the woman’s most erogenous zone, that is, the area that is stimulated most quickly and easily.

There has been speculation in the past about the location of the G-spot and whether it exists or not. It was thought that in this area, which is thought to be the woman’s prostate gland (Skene’s gland) (or men’s G-spot), in the same region as the man’s prostate, there is a gland that secretes prostatic acid phosphatase into the urethra. At times, the secretion was so abundant that women appeared to ejaculate during orgasm. When this fluid, thought to be related to ejaculation in women, was examined, it was proven that this fluid was not prostatic fluid but urine. With G-spot stimulation, the desire to urinate initially occurs, which women must endure for a while for a good vaginal orgasm. It is normal for women who normally do not have urinary incontinence problems to leak urine during orgasm. This is a common condition in women and does not require medical intervention.

This area does not have an exact localization like the clitoris, it varies from woman to woman, and even though different authors have different rates, it is said that an average of 30%-40% of women do not have a G point because this area is thinner. All of this confuses doctors, men and women, and causes them to think that such a field does not exist. In this case, it makes it more meaningful to investigate where the g-spot is. Published in the journal “International Journal of Sexology”, Dr. In the article written by Ernest Gräfenberg, a sensitive and pleasurable area on the front wall of the vagina in women was mentioned. But in fact, Gräfenberg did not mention this sensitive area as a different anatomical region in his article. He mentioned that vaginal orgasm is an area that is extremely sensitive to deep pressure.

That is, in order for the area known as the G Spot to be stimulated during vaginal orgasm, the woman must already be sexually aroused and willing. First of all, stimulation should be done deeply, for a long time and with good pressure. At first, you may feel a desire to urinate that is accompanied by pleasure and is uncomfortable. If the stimulation continues, this feeling disappears and is completely replaced by pleasure. After a while, the woman experiences an intense orgasm and accompanying ejaculation.

In Asian countries, it is known as the point of lust. In fact, the G-spot is known as a miracle that can turn even the coldest woman into a sex enthusiast. The feature of this point is that it is the place where a woman is most sexually sensitive, providing hours of erotic pleasure. It is said that women whose G-spot is stimulated will have an endless desire for sex for long hours. Unfortunately, the G spot, whose existence was officially determined by the research conducted by the University of L’Aquila in 2009, is not found in every woman. The study was conducted on women who said they had vaginal orgasms and women who said they did not. It was determined that these women had tissue differences and that the separation wall between the vagina and the urinary tract was wider in women who had vaginal orgasm, and this tissue was also effective in experiencing vaginal orgasm. However, it is generally known that the g-spot is a place approximately 2.5 centimeters in size on the front wall of the vagina.

The word dot is the exact equivalent of the German term. But in reality, the g-spot is more of an area than a spot. This finding proves that women who have not had an orgasm to date do not need to look for the culprit. Because women who do not have this thick tissue do not have the chance to have a vaginal orgasm, and these women only have the chance to reach orgasm by stimulating their vagina.

It has been proven that orgasm is easier in women with a thicker G-spot area. Based on these results, various substance injections were tried in this area in order to expand or plump this area, and ultimately collagen was determined to be the most successful filler material.


It is claimed that many women are unaware of this erogenous point, as it cannot be adequately stimulated during sexual intercourse due to its location. The best way for stimulation is through filler injections.

It is a treatment widely used in Europe, especially in America.

It is a non-surgical, temporary and simple treatment method that must be applied by a doctor for sexually active women. A type of collagen is used for this treatment. Collagen is carefully produced and stored in the laboratory using various engineering techniques, and delivered to the physician in ready-to-use syringes. This product is FDA approved, biological, and can be used without the need for allergy or skin testing, unlike other types of collagen. In the pilot study, an increase in sexual arousal (g-spot orgasm) was observed in 9 out of 10 women who received the injection, and the effect lasts for an average of 4 months.

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