Laser Hair Removal: What Is It? How Is It Applied? What Are the Prices?

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Laser Hair Removal: What Is It? How Is It Applied? What Are the Prices?

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With the latest technology Alexandrite Laser, all types of hair are completely removed.

What is hair removal?

Hair removal refers to the removal of hair from the body through various methods. The methods used for this purpose include tweezing, waxing, shaving, needle epilation, and laser hair removal.

Areas of Application:

With protective goggles for the eyes, it can be applied to all body areas except between the eyebrows and eyes.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The principle of laser hair removal relies on the absorption of laser light by the pigment called melanin, which gives color to the hair. The generated heat is transmitted to the hair follicle, causing damage to the hair root.

Is the Result the Same for Everyone?

The success rate in laser hair removal is higher for dark and thick hair where melanin is more concentrated. The person’s skin tone is another factor affecting success. In individuals with darker skin tones (referring to dark or bronze tones, depending on the machine specifications), there is a higher risk of side effects due to the higher concentration of melanin in the superficial layer of the skin. Therefore, the success rate decreases as the energy for laser hair removal is dispersed.

Before and Aftercare Tips for Laser Hair Removal:

  • In women, laser hair removal can be applied to the entire body while using special protective goggles.
  • In men, laser hair removal is applied to the entire body with protective goggles.
  • The most preferred areas for laser hair removal are the face, armpits, bikini area, and legs.
  • Avoid using tanning beds or sunbathing before the procedure.
  • The area to be treated should not undergo root removal for 3 weeks before the application. Shaving or trimming with a machine can be done 3–4 days before.
  • Individuals who have used Roaccutane in the last 6 months are not recommended for laser hair removal.
  • Avoid sunbathing after the procedure. High protection factor creams can be used.
  • A lukewarm shower can be taken after the application.
  • Moisturizing your skin after the application can facilitate easier shedding of hair.
  • It is not recommended to extend the session intervals. For body areas, it is recommended to have sessions every 2 months, and for the face, every 1–1.5 months. This period may vary depending on the hair growth.
  • Session durations are generally 10 minutes for the face, 40 minutes for the legs, 5 minutes for the armpits, 5 minutes for the chin, and 1–1.5 hours for the entire body.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal System:

The Alexandrite laser has a wavelength of 755 nm. It is a type of laser with a short wavelength, making it highly sensitive to melanin. The most suitable patient profile is individuals with light skin and dark hair. Its use is more limited on dark skin tones, so the use of Alexandrite laser is not recommended for individuals with dark skin.

The Alexandrite laser hair removal system is patient-friendly. There is no need to shave the hair before the application. It is less painful compared to other laser systems. When applied with this system, the hair is removed from the treated area after the procedure. The Alexandrite system is highly successful in areas such as the armpits, legs, bikini area, and genital region. The air cooling system minimizes potential effects such as discoloration and burning on the skin during the epilation process.

The Diode Laser Hair Removal System can be a painful procedure and is effective on fine hairs. The ND:YAG Laser System may only be effective on fine hairs and is not effective on all fine hairs.

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