Neck Aesthetics or Neck Rejuvenation

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Neck Aesthetics or Neck Rejuvenation

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Contrary to what is known in recent years, there has been an increase in people who appear more than 10 years younger due to the methods applied. However, there was no treatment for a neck that makes one look older.

Now there is;

PRP and fillers together are creating incredible miracles. In addition, as an additional treatment, peeling oil injections both moisturize the skin and provide an incredibly youthful neck.

It is possible to have super necks with the combinations of these methods, and the results are achieved in a short time.

There are many alternatives for fillers:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid Fillers: This substance, which is present in the structure of our skin, is ready for use in the tube. It is especially used to cover the visible veins.

  2. Fat Injections: Applied by taking the person’s own fat tissue.

  3. Tissue Cocktail Applications: This involves placing a cocktail created in the body’s tissues under the skin.

PRP Applications: Can be applied for spots on the neck and under the skin. It requires 4-5 sessions.

Peeling: When applied to spots on the neck, it reduces skin wear and tear. Beautiful results are achieved at any age when combined with PRP and filler substances.

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