Under eye filler applications

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Under eye filler applications

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Deformations that occur in the eyes, which are the most effective area in communicating with the environment, create both visual and, accordingly, psychological unhappiness.

Under-eye bruises and holes are among our complaints and those around us.

The skin around and under the eyes has a special skin structure. Both the skin and subcutaneous fat tissue are quite thin in this area. However, collagen elastin fibers in the skin in this area are also thinner and looser. With aging, the first skin disorders begin to appear around the eyes and under the eyes. Likewise, eye bags cause the appearance of a sleepless night.

One of the problems that arise with the loss of substances that provide moisture and tension to the skin is dark circles under the eyes. This condition, which creates aesthetic anxiety, causes the person to look tired, old and sick.

What is under-eye light filler and to whom is it applied?

It is one of the non-surgical aesthetic methods used in the treatment of under-custody problems.

Eliminates sagging, bruises, bags and brown circles under the eyes; The under-eye filling procedure, which allows you to get rid of tired, sad and old facial expressions, also removes your wrinkles. A special gel containing amino acids, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins is used in light filling. Factors such as correct application and the quality of the filling material may affect the treatment and post-treatment process. You can have it done in reliable and right places.

It is better to apply it to people over the age of 20.

Light fill; It is a filler that eliminates many problems and is produced only for under-eye applications and spreads on the under-eye tissue. It is called a light filler because it reflects the light coming around the eyes due to its content, brightens and revitalizes the skin. Since these substances contain structuring at the cellular level, they have brightening and revitalizing effects around the eyes.

Is there any special preparation required before application and how is it done?

Before starting the application, we apply an anesthetic cream around the eyes to ensure numbness. The area to be treated is cleaned with antiseptic solution. The procedure is performed after applying local anesthesia cream. There is already a local anesthetic in the light filler and the person receiving the application does not feel the needle entry.

Filling is applied to the bone and this application reduces the complication rate and increases permanence. It can also be applied with a needle or cannula. The application is completed in a short time of 10-20 minutes. This application, which can be permanent for up to 15 months, increases its permanence when done continuously.

How many sessions need to be applied?
Generally, one session is sufficient. If necessary, a second session can be applied when called for control. Its effect lasts for 1.5-2.5 years, depending on the degree of symptoms around the eyes, the person’s genetic factor, and the amount used.

How soon can I return to daily life after the application?
Since this is an application, there is no situation that would interfere with social life. You can return to daily life immediately after the session.

Does it have any side effects?
Since it is specially produced for under-eye tissue, it does not have any side effects. It is not healthy to apply it only in cases where bags under the eyes are at the surgical limit, in pregnant women, or if there is inflammation or allergy in the tissue around the eyes.

What methods can be used or combined for complaints around the eyes?
In the treatment of under-eye dark circles and pits, depending on the individual; There are many applications such as under-eye light filling treatment, platelet treatment known as PRP treatment or stem cell treatment, mesotherapy, peeling application, serum applications. While some patients require a single method, some patients need to combine these non-surgical methods.

Sometimes combinations of non-surgical procedures along with surgery may even be required.

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