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Breast Reduction

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Apart from aesthetic problems, hard fat, neck pain, wounds due to bra straps, and impaired comfort of life due to scarring and redness on the side-lower part of the breast tissue are the reasons that require this surgery.

ütyen askısına bağlı yara, meme dokusunun yan-alt kısmında yara-kızarıklık yapması nedeniyle bozulan yaşam konforu bu ameliyat gerektiren nedenlerdir.

The operation is the removal of breast fat tissue, glandular tissue and skin to a certain extent. The breast is large or sagging due to various reasons or is of different sizes. Apart from aesthetic problems, back pain, neck pain, wounds due to bra straps, wounds and redness on the side-lower part of the breast tissue are the reasons that require this surgery. Breast reduction surgery can be performed at any age.

Things that should be discussed with the doctor first in the preparation phase before this surgery is performed;
* The breast grows during development, pregnancy and breastfeeding under the influence of hormones. Your doctor prefers that the growth has stopped.
* If there is a previous operation (may be due to cancer) or infection in the breast, there may be a deficiency or complete loss of the breast due to these disorders, and it may be necessary to bring this breast to an acceptable size and to make both breasts similar in shape and size by planning an operation in the other disease-free breast.
* Mammography and breast USG are performed.
* The TECHNICAL method of the operation to be performed is discussed. When we discuss the details face-to-face, the size of the breast and the level of sagging will be guiding and the technique to be performed will be decided.

When evaluating the patient before surgery, the distance and shape of the breast from the shoulder to the nipple determines the method of surgery and the scar that will occur depending on the method. Among these methods, I prefer the most recent and modern technique called “vertical technique” and if necessary, I apply “liposuction”.
In this technique, there is a single scar extending down from the nipple. The scar tissue will be short and the other important advantage is that the size of the newly formed breast will be reduced and the lower level of the breast will be moved up to 2 cm, so that a more Erect and FILLED but not saggy breast image different from the old breast shape will be obtained.
In patients with large breast tissue, which we call Morbid Obese, liposuction is essential because there is excessive fat with folds in the breast and surrounding tissue, and I even perform liposuction from the armpit to the back to achieve a good result in the whole body. Then I perform breast reduction or sagging removal (without tissue removal), that is, lifting operation. Since the excess on the sides is gone, I can obtain a vertical breast by adding liposuction instead of the breast embedded in fat tissue but unable to stand upright.
For scarring;
The material called Silicone-sheet that we give after these surgeries can be used with a cream for the scar.
Or it is protected with tapes called Omnisitrip. It is comfortable while bathing, does not open, and applies pressure on the wound.

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