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Experiences of our customers

“We always do our best to meet your needs”

I did very well. I was hearing his name around me and those who went were very pleased. I had a problem in my abdomen that I have been uncomfortable for years. Whatever happens, Gülay hn explained it beautifully. After the operation, it was as if that problem had never existed. Mrs Gülay tells you to the finest detail and does what she says she will do. You can go to Mrs Gülay with your eyes closed. You will be satisfied.

Nagehan Çalıcı

I'm working and I have a sedentary job. I was looking for a name for Vaser liposuction. I don't know anyone. I couldn't trust the comments too much. Frankly, I went to Gülay with hesitation, but it was in vain. It is both relaxing and reassuring to explain in detail one by one, and it is marvellous that the result is so perfect. I pass Gülay lady alone. I recommend.

İlknur Toprakoğulları

It is really a privilege to be a patient of Gülay BOZTOSUN, one of the few people who give the right to her profession, I had a nose surgery, very natural and did what suits you, I am very lucky to be your patient because I know you Ms Gülay💐💐💐

İnci Özyazgan